Frequently asked questions

We do have patents that allow our solutions to be proprietary.
It will typically take 12-18 months from the design phase to your first crop.
Using our technology there will be 99% less fresh water used and 99% less agricultural land, making our ecosystem extremely sustainable. Considering the recent climate change this will be a very important factor in the future of farming.
No, our solutions allow you to implement touchless farming. We make use of specialized equipment that allow the plant to be free from human touch, and our grow chamber design prevents any pests or pathogens from entering the facility.  There are additional processes and equipment in place to keep the grow environment consistently clean, and our produce is free from any pesticide or herbicide use.
Using state of the art equipment and robotics we utilize 95% less human labour.
Depending on the value of the produce in your area, you can enjoy up to a 500% return on investment.
If you reside in North America, we can offer you a guaranteed buy back program on the final produce.
Even though there is a lot of intricacies involved in running a commercial plant factory, we do offer training courses to help you understand and operate your facility.
Using state-of-the-art precooling designed specifically for our solution, we can extend the shelf life of the produce up to 21 days, depending on the variety.
Our ready-to-grow solution is catered to baby leafy greens but we can custom design our technology to cater to all types of short plants.
  • Our technology has been developed to cater to all types of investors from large commercial productions which supply retail supermarkets, to small local farms in remote areas which help with self-sufficiency and food security.