What We Do

What is Thelis all about?

Thelis is an industry leader in the High Density Vertical-Farming (HDVF) sector, focusing on innovation, automation and state of the art designs and processes. This allows farmers to produce much higher yields of leafy green vegetables per square meter. It also provides faster distribution of fresh produce to the local population.

What does Thelis do?

  • Research and Development in HDVF.
  • Engineering services in HDVF.
  • Design and operational analysis in HDVF production.
  • Manufacturing of equipment and materials for HDVF.
  • Construction and deployment of HDVF facilities.
  • Provision and installation of operational machinery used in HDVF.

How does Thelis operate?

We design and provide the latest Deep Flow Technique (DFT) hydroponic technology. This includes specially formulated LED lights, customized equipment and materials, control systems, along with a fully automated seeding, transplanting, harvesting, and packing machinery in agricultural buildings.


What makes us different?

  • We build HDVF structures using our in-house designed processes, methods, and products as a turn-key solution for clients.
  • We have designed our own proprietary LED light formulas.
  • We have designed our own LED light casing that dissipates the heat more efficiently than other LED lights in the market.
  • We have designed our own rafts that render higher yields and are easier to harvest using our methods compared to any available rafts in the market.
  • We have designed more efficient and optimal methods in vertical farming which has allowed for HDVF.
  • As we have reduced the tier heights in each level, we have been able to design for more levels of growing beds per rack compared to our competitors.
  • Our proprietary greenhouse designs will allow future farmers to convert their lands to vertical farming facilities easily, as opposed to the current method of converting warehouses and industrial buildings into vertical farming facilities by non-farmers.
  • Since we have designed a more compact vertical system, technicians can work comfortably at lower heights compared to other vertical farms that are much higher for the same yield.
  • We have designed more efficient harvest methods using conveyor belts and harvest machines which eliminate the need for manual harvesting.
  • We have implemented simple procedures and methods in our designs that have eliminated the need for extremely expensive robotics to move trays from the vertical racks to the harvest area.

Why is Thelis better?

  • This will be Canadian made technology and designs to help our Canadian farmers grow (both in skills and revenue) with the newest technologies in the HDVF sector.
  • We allow existing farmers to use their lands to create vertical farming systems within greenhouses and adopt the new farming technologies using farming lands, as opposed to having to buy new industrial lands.
  • There will be no Capital Flight for the import of technology.
  • We can export our technology and know-how to other countries and contribute to our national export initiative.
  • We are contributing to Green Technology.
  • We are providing the tools and know-how for Canadian farmers to be able to contribute to Canada’s food security initiative.

Working today for a better tomorrow

What is the plan for today?

We are in the process of building the first site in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia (in three phases) for our client who has an exclusive agreement with a very large food distribution company (Oppenheimer Group) to distribute their leafy green salads to all the grocery stores and supermarkets in British Columbia. The goal is to empower our client to have a site in every province in Canada in order to produce and provide fresh, affordable, clean, locally grown vegetables, and in a much more efficient and greener way.

What can we achieve with a little support tomorrow?

  • We can expand our Research and Development to discover new methods of farming and to focus on cultivating alternative crops using High Density Vertical Farming (HDVF)
  • We can grow our team in order to support more farmers adopting our HDVF methodologies sooner, thus helping those farmers provide locally grown, fresh and affordable produce to more communities throughout North America.
  • Our technology has been developed to cater to all types of investors from large commercial productions which supply retail supermarkets, to small local farms in remote areas which help with self-sufficiency and food security.