Who We Are

Thelis Green Tech (Thelis) is a turn-key system integrator in the agricultural sector focusing of Vertical Farming solutions.

We understand the need for clients to have an efficient return on investment, therefore our solutions allow your final product to compete in price with field grown alternatives.

We achieve this by designing and procuring all material and equipment directly and eliminate brand name alternatives that drive up the cost of the projects. With our team of engineers and contractors there is no project too big to handle.

Vertical Farming Greenhouse, Thelis Green Tech


To Meet Expectations

With our client Fresh Green Farms partnering with food distribution giant The Oppenheimer Group, a subsidiary of Dole plc (the largest fruit and vegetable producer in the world), we have a clear understanding of the full life cycle the product. Each project is custom designed to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements in order to cater to their local weather, geotechnical and bylaw parameters.


Consume Less Energy

We pride ourselves in using the most eco-friendly technology as implementation of our systems will make a difference in the sustainability of our food supply and our planet. For example, our customized LED lights release 40% less heat than traditional grow lights, making our projects consume less energy and in turn leading to an optimum growing environment.


Larger Crop Yields

Through many years of research and development, we at Thelis have mastered crop yields. By producing over 1000 kilograms of produce per square meter annually, we ensure that your investment will be a success in providing your local community with the freshest produce available.

  • Our technology has been developed to cater to all types of investors from large commercial productions which supply retail supermarkets, to small local farms in remote areas which help with self-sufficiency and food security.